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Products & Services

At Inlet Glass and Mirror, we use a variety of cutting-edge materials and techniques to give our customers the very best product for their individual needs. Whether you are in need of a new glass storefront or want to have custom shower doors, we have the right tool and the appropriate products to get the job done. Let our experienced staff explain your options and work with you to help determine the right approach to your individual project.

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Glass Products

  • Insulated Glass
    Increase the comfort and efficiency of your home with insulted glass which retains much more heat in a room during winter reducing heat loss and saving energy. These products also reduce noise pollution and window condensation.
  • Plate Glass
    Plate glass, or sheet glass is commonly used for windows, picture frames, glass doors, transparent walls, and windscreens. 
  • Acrylic/Polycarbonite
    These materials are stronger than glass.  Oftentimes acrylic is used as protective barriers in various workplaces, such as retail, restaurant and office settings. This includes sneeze guards, breath barriers, office or workplace partitions, checkout counter barriers, desk dividers and suspended panels.
  • Storm window
    Storm windows are a great solution to older single-pane windows. They reduce the draft or flow of outside air into your house, and the airspace between storm windows and existing windows allows for additional insulation.
  • Safety and tempered glass
    Safety glass is a type of glass made in such a way that it is less likely to shatter into sharp pieces and cause injury if it breaks. This is well suited for both residential and commercial applications.


  • Mirrors
    Whether you are looking for a mirror for your bathroom vanity, a wall mirror for your entryway, or another room of your home, our mirrors can be cut to almost any shape or size to meet your specific needs.
  • Custom wall to wall mirrors
    Wall to wall mirrors can add a touch of beauty to any room and is a great way to open up a room to create the illusion of extra space. It can be a great centerpiece of the room and allows the room to feel larger and takes advantage of bouncing light through a space. Sometimes commercial buildings and businesses like dance studios choose wall to wall mirrors for their entrances, lobbies and foyers.
  • Beveled and polished, vanity mirrors
    Custom vanity mirrors to highlight your fixtures and space.
  • Mirrored bar / glass shelves
    Use a mirrored bar or glass shelves to create a distinctive and elevated design feature
  • Mirrors installed in your frames
    Do you already have a frame that you love? We can replace your damaged mirror and maintain your existing frame.
  • Door mirrors
    Add depth to your space and provide full length mirror views

Glass Applications and Other Services Offered

  • Tabletops
    Whether you need beveled glass or polished edge glass in standard or tempered varieties, our team of trained professionals will help measure and fabricate the glass to your exact specifications.
  • Storm Windows
    Storm windows can fit into the interior or exterior frames of existing windows and provide an additional barrier against bad weather, wind and drafts. They can also increase the energy efficiency of your home while blocking out street noise and harmful UV rays.
  • Custom A/C Panels
    Do you have a floor model air conditioning unit? Bring us your window housing and a screen that fits on the window you’d like a panel built for and we will build you a custom, clear lexan aluminum frame panel.
  • Screen Repair
    Do you have a ripped or damaged screen? Let us restore your window and door screens to good working order so you can let air in but keep pests out!
  • Replacement Windows
    Replacement windows can add beauty and style to your home as well as be more energy efficient than your old, drafty window.
  • Shower Doors
    Glass shower doors allow you to create a shower space that feels spacious and bright while also adding style to your bathroom as a whole.
  • Frameless Shower Door Enclosures
    These elegant frameless designs are both extremely functional and beautiful
  • Protective furniture, glass
    Safeguard your favorite furniture with protective glass
  • Glass coffee table & end tables
    Small glass end tables or glass topped tables are easy to clean and maintain while adding attractive features to you interior style and protect your furniture from damage.
  • Glass shelves
    Glass shelving allows the focus to be on what you want to display instead of the shelf itself. Perfect for special lighting and high visibility settings.